We are searching for help concerning re-use and disinfection of COVID-19 equipment. Due to shortages in new protective gear, the ZOL hospital in Belgium (www.zol.be) needs to also focus on (evidence-based) re-use of products that were designed for single use. ZOL needs this type of information sooner rather than later.

Specifically, it concerns the following protective gear:

  • FFP2 masks (different models by different producers)
  • Tyvek overalls (of the asbestos-protection type)

The hospital is looking for insight in:

  • methods to re-use this gear that can be implemented quickly (heating, washing, …)
  • the effect thereof on (a) permeability and (b) remaining viral contamination.

The ZOL hospital has already been testing the use of detergents and a chlorine bath followed by airdrying for the Tyvek overalls. They however do not know what the effects are on permeability and remaining viral load.

Peer-reviewed literature is sparse. Many researchers are probably working on this, but that information is not available yet but needed urgently.

Can you help this hospital?

  • Do you have experimental setups that can help answer (part of) these questions?
  • Do you know of any relevant information resources?
  • Do you know anyone who might know?

For more information and to help out, please contact Inge Thijs (inge.thijs@zol.be).