A selection of projects, tools and designs developed in the lab…

Visualization and design

Card sorting
A methodology for identifying a user's underlying goals
Using trio-information to filter NGS reads
Sequence Diversity Diagram
Making comparing DNA and RNA sequence motifs possible
Cosmopolitan Chicken Project
A data-driven art project with Koen Vanmechelen
Our award-winning visualization of 2-locus eQTL data
Modular leaf ordering method for dendrogram representations in R
VAST 2015
Visual anomaly detection in spatio-temporal data 1
VAST 2016
Visual anomaly detection in spatio-temporal data 2


Enabling and tracking multi-resolution browsing of genomic data


HIV transmitted drug resistance
See our paper Winand R et al (2015) Assessing transmissibility of HIV-1 drug resistance mutations from treated and from drug-naive individuals. Aids, 29(15), 2045–2052