ECTS file


Student blogs


  • 19/3 Us: overview of critique; students: present dataset
  • 26/3 present sketches
  • 2/4 P5 Q&A
  • 23/4 intermediate presentation
  • 30/4
  • 7/5 final interactive visual for exploration
  • 14/5 present sketches
  • 21/5 final visual for presentation

Exercise for static visualisation

Based on any dataset (but preferably using the dataset you used in the previous exercise), create a new data visualisation to demonstrate a non-obvious insight gleaned from the data, to make a particular point, or to present an interesting overview of the datasets. If you want, you can also create a data-driven art piece. Good examples are:


We will do this exercise in 2 phases:

  1. In the session of 14/5, we’ll go over hand-drawn sketches. Please present 1 design; we’ll expect you to have gone through the diverge-emerge-converge cycle yourself beforehand.
  2. In the session of 21/5, you’ll present the final visual.

In your visual, please include:

  • the visual itself
  • a good title
  • a short description of what this is about
  • a legend
  • highlights of any interesting things you want to draw attention to

Here’s another very good example of a visual with annotations: library of congress