In this tutorial, we will look into using HoloViz in the specific context of using it in combination with Vega-Lite and Vega for data visualisation from python.

HoloViz brings together a group of tools to simplifies visualisation in python. These tools are:

  • Panel, which we’ll use for building dashboards
  • HoloViews, which makes it possible to very quickly create data visualisation
  • hvPlot is a high-level plotting API built on HoloViews
  • GeoViews, which extends HoloViews for geographic data
  • Datashader, which allows rendering huge datasets
  • Param, which helps to create user-configurable objects
  • Colorcet, which defines perceptually uniform colormaps.

We’ll be using Panel and Param in this tutorial, within the context of jupyter notebooks.

Much of this tutorial is based on the excellent tutorial given by James Bednar available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7deGS4IPAQ0.

A live version of this tutorial is available here.